Cancun get any better?

I have so much more I want to share but I figured this would be a good start as it was our first trip together as a couple and about a year after our first trip here we got engaged at the exact same resort! For first time international travelers I think Cancun, Mexico is a great choice. Although, in recent years the news may have you think otherwise. Typically, as long as you are in the resort areas you will be fine.

Why Cancun?

Short & cheap flights!

Flights to Cancun and Riviera Maya region of Mexico are typically short and cheap from the US! I always fly out of Philly and nonstop flights are common and aren’t longer than 4 hours or more than $400 round trip. Saaaaaweeeet 👌🏻

Variety of resorts

OPTIONS! Whatever type of resort you’re looking for, you’ll find it in the Cancun region. Romance, couples only, family friendly, all-inclusive, party oriented, wellness oriented.. you name it they got it! We’ve used a few times for trips to Mexico and Dominican Republic! I love their site. It’s super easy to navigate and filter what you want for what budget. We stayed at Secrets Capri Riviera Maya both of our trips and we highly recommend it; top notch service, lodging, entertainment, and location!

Secrets Capri Rivera Maya


Whether you want to experience nature, history, culture, shopping, or fun, you are close to all of it. There are multiple guided tours available to the Mayan ruins, Chitchen Itza. We haven’t been because it’s a pretty long day, but heard it’s amazing and if your a history buff, then definitely a must! Nature can be experienced in numerous parks through zip lining, ATV tours, and swimming in cenotes. Some of my favorite moments were visiting Xplor Park, having a night out on the town at Coco Bongo, and taking a self guided tour down the beach to a lagoon where fresh water met the sea. Xplor Park is awesome because it includes zip lining, ATVs, underwater caves and they track where you’re at through your helmet so they take your picture throughout the park! You have the option to purchase at the end. I think it was about $80 for the flash drive. Coco Bongo is like a bar/dance club/show. They have tons of interactive entertainment, unlimited drinks, and hours of dancing. The lagoon we found was about 20 minutes north of our resort (walking) and was incredible to experience! The water was extremely cold in the fresh water and then it pulls you out pretty quick to the ocean where it’s about 15-20 degrees warmer.

Exploring natural caves at Xplor park
Zip Lining at Xplor Park
Zip Lining at Xplor Park
Coco Bongo Club
Coco Bongo Club
Where fresh water meets salt water!

One warning:

DON’T DRINK THE WATER. Montezuma’s revenge is no joke. We were at a resort that had filtered water and they still warned not to use tap water to brush our teeth and to close our mouth in the shower. On our first trip I made coffee with tap water the night before we left for home because I didn’t have any water bottles left. I thought the heat would make it safe. The next morning, I couldn’t stay out of the bathroom for more than an hour. The travel back home was hell. At least it was the end of my trip!

Lunch on the Beach
Natural Pier

Bottom line: If you’ve never been to Mexico and you’re not sure if you should go, DO IT! It’s an amazing vacation spot that will satisfy any vacationer while not breaking the bank. 🙌🏻

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