Boston: Exploring One of America’s Oldest Cities

The hubs and I are big Pearl Jam fans and in typical Kris fashion I got a text one day at work saying he bought tickets to see Pearl Jam at Fenway Park in Boston. So looks like we are planning a trip to Boston! Pearl Jam was playing on a Tuesday night after Labor Day. Our trip was Sunday-Wednesday in September 2018. What better way to end Summer than in one of the oldest cities in the US!

There are tons of great hotels in and around Boston, but we opted for an airbnb. I’ve used Airbnb a few times and I love it so much more than just a typical hotel. Because we booked last minute, the only availability in Boston’s center was astronomical in price. We go away a few times a year, so we go for price and cleanliness in lodging over luxury and amenities. We stayed at a cute little house in Jamaica Plains, which is right outside of Boston. It wasn’t more than $150 a night and we had a private bedroom and bathroom, plus the hosts made breakfast to order for all guests each morning!

Boston is an awesome city and I’m so glad our love for music brought us here! There is so much history to experience. Freedom Trail runs 2.5 miles through the city and will take you to the most significant historical sites in Boston. It’s an incredible experience to set foot in places that had such an impact during the revolutionary war. They have guided tours, but you can also take the tour on your own. It’s very simple to follow. We did not get a guided tour, but followed the trail to some of these stops: Boston Common, King’s Chapel, Faneuil Hall, and the Paul Revere House.

Paul Revere House

Some other great spots we visited were the original Cheers bar, The Bell in Hand (America’s oldest continuously run tavern), and Sam Adams Brewery. The tour at Sam Adams is great and we only about 30 minutes! They have an awesome outside spot to hangout and drink at that includes corn hole.

Fenway Park! Being used to Philly stadiums, it is so tiny! But it has a charm that can’t be beat. One thing that was different for us was no tailgating! We are used to tailgating in Philly, but apparently that’s not a thing everywhere. They have tours you can sign up for, but we did not take one during our trip. Being in Fenway and seeing one of our favorite bands was an experience we’ll never forget. My husband is Mr. Mayor, talking to everyone wherever we go, so we of course made friends along the way to the stadium and ended up getting way closer seats for the show than we paid for.

Our tickets were for Tuesday, but there was also a concert on Monday. We didn’t have tickets, but we found an awesome rooftop bar called Tony C’s and were able to hear the show perfectly!

Also, no trip to New England is complete without lobster rolls. Nom nom nom.

One thing we weren’t able to do is go to a nice dinner one night, which I was bummed about! Little Italy has some really good authentic Italians restaurants and pastry shops! We walked around the area, but most places didn’t take reservations so the wait was very long. Our next trip to Boston will for sure make plans to go to one of these spots. If you are planning on going, make sure you are arriving early for dinner or expect to wait in a line outside!

Bottom Line: Boston is the perfect blend of history, excitement, and bomb food.

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