What’s Up with the All-Inclusives?

Is all-inclusive worth it?

Okay so I’m not a total hater, I’m guilty of going to 4 so far.  However, do not always assume all-inclusive is the way you want to go! I always liked the idea of not having to worry about anything once you’re there. It’s all paid for and literally all you have to do is relax. BUT with all good, also comes the bad! Keep reading to see why I am no longer an all-inclusive seeker.

All inclusive means “mostly inclusive”

Yes all inclusive means unlimited food and drink (typically). However, a lot of all inclusive resorts offer “preferred” sections that come at an extra cost but give certain guests more dining and leisure options.  

Although resorts advertise that this includes tips, it’s typical that you still tip your Bartenders, servers, and maids for the day, at least if they are repeatedly waiting on you. 

Entertainment is provided, but often they will reel you in to purchasing something in order to get the best seats for the show, have the best dinner options, ect. The few times we have done all-inclusive, they will often have dinner shows outside on the beach, but you are only allowed a reserved table if you purchase a bottle of wine.

I know these seem like little things, but they can add up in themselves. Plus add anything you want to do off the resort and this all inclusive vacation is no longer!

Going off the resort

If you’re paying for an all inclusive, then you better be staying on the resort every day.  (And at that point, go somewhere more local to you.  What’s the point of going to an exotic island if you’re not going to explore it?) Otherwise, you’re still paying your daily rate for the all inclusive hotel along with the excursions you decide to do off the resort that typically range from 3-12 hours.  If you go on a week vacation and want to go zip lining one day, shopping one day, and swimming with dolphins another, you are now paying for those excursions and the daily rates for those 3 days that you won’t be actually using.  Unless you are planning on doing absolutely nothing off your mile wide resort during your trip, all inclusive may be a waste of money.

You’ll get fat and cranky

Okay, that was extreme… and super subjective.  Let me explain.  You’re paying a lot of money for all meals, snacks, and drinks.  So what if it’s 7am?  Obviously you need to get a mimosa. It’s the same price as your OJ.  So what if your not hungry? Eating a banana and eating 3 waffles with sausage and bacon is the same price.  Obviously your eating 3 waffles and sausage and bacon and washing it down with a mimosa (or 4).  Now it’s 10am and your tipsy and bloated.  But they are bringing around menus for poolside snacks.  Chicken nachos?  Cocktail of the day? I have to because I already paid for it .  By 4pm you’re drunk, fat, and no chance of sharing intimacy in the outside tub you paid an extra $1000 for with your partner.

Poor willpower or secret sabotage by resort? 

With all that being said, I had amazing times at all of the all inclusive resorts I’ve been to with my husband! BUT if your picking the all inclusive because you think it will be cheaper, just decide on what you’re truly on vacation for!  Another option may be better!  There’s also some resorts that let you choose if you want all inclusive and you can choose certain days to pay for it.  Bottom line, know what you want and do your research! 

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