Not “One Day”, NOW!

Why you need to travel now, not later.

I constantly hear people talk about their “bucket list” and traveling there “some day”.  “Some day” turns in to never all too often.  If you want to experience something, do it NOW.  Why the hell not? Are you magically going to have endless money and time in “a couple” years?  Probably not.. 

I’m (almost) 27 and have been married for going on 2 years in September.  My husband is a small business owner and I just took (and hopefully passed) my test to become a licensed counselor in New Jersey.  We aren’t rich and we aren’t poor.  We both work our asses off and still have way more debt than we’d like.  That doesn’t stop us from chasing adventure.  I hear “must be nice” a lot and it is nice, thank you. Don’t think we don’t struggle with finances the same as everyone else does.  We just decide to put our finances towards travel and experience, rather than  things (although I have a shopping habit that sometimes goes overboard… who doesn’t?).  Travel doesn’t need to be extravagant.  If you truly want to experience something and you put it at the forefront of your needs, you can make it happen. 

We are at a point where we constantly hear “when are you having kids?”  If my husband would let me (and he will, cuz happy wife happy life, ya know…. plus it’s my body bitches) I would add another year on to our timeline for kids every time someone asks me this question.  I used to assume that we would be wanting to have a kid at this point, but I realized that was because I had this irrational depiction of what 20 something year olds that get married are “supposed” to do next.  I’m rewriting that script.  I’m just being honest with myself, I need some experience in life before I decide to settle down for the next 18 years.  Maybe that’s selfish, but I need to fulfill some of my dreams before I put a little human’s needs in front of mine. 

Those of you who get married and have kids rights away, that is AWESOME. But those of you in my boat, please don’t let other people make you think twice about your decisions about YOUR life.  We’ll have kids when we are ready (and if we can, god willing), when we’ve experienced life outside of the comfort of our city, state, coast, country. 

For me travel means growth and I want to grow as and individual in this beautiful world so that I can pass on the best to my little ones one day.  Traveling grounds you, humbles you, and fills your soul.  There is no price tag for that. So I encourage you to take that bucket list and plan a trip to a place on there in the next year.  You’ll be a better person because of it.

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