Why Social Media is Making you Miserable

It’s ironic I’m writing a post on a social media platform about social media being the root of all mmmevil (not really). Embrace the irony.

In January 2019 one of my best friend’s and I decided to take a month off of social media. We deleted our snap chat, instagram, and Facebook from our phones. I replaced those three apps with a journaling app, a gratitude app, and a meditation app. You can find them below:

Day One



I decided to do this because I was starting to become sickened by the amount of time I realized I spent on my phone in general. iPhone has this thing where you can track how much you use certain apps, and by the looks of it, my entire life was lived through snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. Phone calls and messages were a small percentage of what I actually used my phone for.

After a month I put everything back, but in that month I realized that social media is a huge problem for our society. It’s turning out agoraphobics left and right. No one can actually talk anymore, it’s all through a screen. And it’s causing us to strive to reach this unattainable social standard of a perfect life, which is based on others’ portrayal of what a perfect life is, not based on our own values.

We are all probably guilty of it. We see someone post something that we’ve never even heard of, thought about, or wanted, but now all of a sudden we need it. This ranges from clothes and shoes, to houses and cars. And if we can’t attain it, now we are a failure. Now we must do anything and everything to get this item to make us whole. And once we get that, there’s something else someone posted that we now need for survival. And in all this, we are losing our connection to the people around us in order to be closer to a false identity we’ve conjured up of who we are supposed to be on social media. I’ve caught myself in this trap many a times. All of a sudden I’m on Zillow looking for houses because our home isn’t good enough anymore. Isn’t it? Why? Because Sara so and so on Instagram just posted a picture of a house she’s building and now all of a sudden that’s the only acceptable house I can live in? This is how our brains work. But we need to realize it and challenge those thoughts. Otherwise, they consume you. And they will ruin you, at least your happiness.

Look around, be grateful for what’s in front of you. And for the love of whoever and whatever your believe in, get off social media for just one day! I promise you, you won’t regret it.

2 thoughts on “Why Social Media is Making you Miserable

  1. I must say, I agree! I have weened myself from social media, other than this blog. First it was my Facebook, then a month later, Instagram. I found it was a time sucker for me as well as causing me to spend endless amounts of money. And I admit, I do not miss it!

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