Marry the guy who gives you experiences, not things.

We live in a society that fills our heads with these social norms and expectations that are completely meaningless and continuously takes us away from our true values and desires. Pair the expectation put on men to “provide” for their wife with the constant bombardment of things we “need” through social media, and you get yourself an unhappy couple in huge amounts of debt. This reality probably holds true for unfortunately most couples in society, I mean look at the divorce rate.

We all fall prey to this. It’s so hard not to! Trust me I’ve gone through my fair share of things I “need” and feeling some kind of way when my husband doesn’t get it for me, as if that somehow shows that he loves me less. This is society hijacking my thoughts! And probably yours too.

So suggestion, don’t marry the man who fulfills that societal expectation. Marry the man who challenges that expectation and provides you with the true things you really do need; Love, attention, support, fun.

When I met my husband I had just gotten out of a 4 year relationship and I was feeling extremely lost. At first this boy I met was just a distraction, a fun exciting distraction from the sadness I was trying to escape. But this boy was more than that. He showed me things I wanted without ever knowing I wanted them. He took me to concerts and on impromptu adventures. He made waffles and whipped cream at 12am just because. He brought me flowers, not on holidays, just on regular old days. He picked up little (what might seem like meaningless) gifts while he was running errands. They weren’t anything expensive or crazy, just things he saw and thought of me. What he gave me was so much more than a price tag and good IG pic. And I’m never letting that go.

Some people may say “well can’t I have both?” If your worried about having both, you probably don’t. And maybe both is possible, but once you start paying more attention to the bells and whistles instead of the engine that started it all, that’s when you have a problem.

Just LOVE each other. If that’s there, the other things aren’t needed.

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